Hello! Let me introduce myself.

I’m a mom of three, and I spent most of my career in real estate.

I started in real estate right after graduating college with a job as a mortgage underwriter. My next position was a job as a relocation counselor. In this position, I helped executives move locations nationwide and to help the employee find real estate agents to help them learn about their new locations, sell their homes, and buy new homes. I managed the properties for the company until the homes could be sold. Later I returned to working in the mortgage industry as a mortgage processor and a mortgage underwriter.

My oldest daughter has just purchased her first house, and my other children are both in college. I recently wrote two books and published them on Amazon: “Essential Advice for Buying Your First Home and Navigating Through the Mortgage Process” and “A Look Into the Secrets of Credit Repair: How to Fix Your Score and Erase Bad Debt.” I wrote my first book after realizing that my oldest daughter and her friends had so little knowledge about buying a home and getting a mortgage. The second book was written to help others to understand credit and how to manage and improve credit is essential on the path to home ownership.

My blog is an extension of my books and a way for me to explore various subjects that are helpful not only in buying, investing, and selling a house but also in discussing items helpful to have in your home or backyard.